News: Sunday 15th May 2016

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Services at Grimsby Minster

8am – Holy Communion

10.30am – Parish Eucharist for Pentecost
(President Revd Nick Nawrockyi • Preacher Canon Andrew Dodd)

6pm – Choral Evensong for Pentecost

St Hugh’s

9.30am – Service of the Word
(Officiant Mrs Pat Woolliss)

St Mark’s

9.30am – Service of the Word
(Officiant Revd Jan Vasey)

St Martin’s

9.30am – Service of the Word
(Officiant Revd Jan Vasey)

Art installation at the Minster

shedsRichard Bartle – ‘Deities at the Bottom of the Garden’
April 6th to 21st May 2016 @ Grimsby Minster

Richard Bartle is a contemporary artist living in Sheffield who creates sculptures, installations, videos and paintings about society, current affairs, religion and politics.

Each one of the ‘Deities at the Bottom of the Garden’ sheds is beautifully crafted with intricate detailing. As a piece of sculpture they have been extensively researched and wherever possible Richard has used the same materials that would be used in their life-size counterparts.
Details include hand-woven rugs, painted ceilings, hand-turned furniture and glass light fittings.

A great exhibition for all to experience.

Holy Week & Easter 2016

Holy Week is the week leading up to Easter, when we commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. There are lots of opportunities in our church to remember these solemn events:

Palm Sunday

Today we remember the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, when the crowds hailed Jesus bearing palm branches, as he rode into the city on a donkey.

There’s a service in each of our churches on Palm Sunday: Grimsby Minster 10.30am, St Hugh’s 9.30am, St Mark’s 9.30am, St Martin’s 11am

Maundy Thursday

Tonight we commemorate the Last Supper, when Jesus gathered with his followers for the final time, and shared bread and wine together. He also washed the feet of his disciples – a sign of his humility and his commitment to those who followed him. At Grimsby Minster, we have a service at 7.30pm where we invite people to have their feet washed, following Jesus’ example, and celebrate Communion for the last time before Easter Day.

Good Friday

This is the day on which Jesus died on the cross. We welcome everyone to the Minster in the morning, between 10am-12noon for children’s activities, followed by hot cross buns! We gather in the afternoon for a solemn commemoration of Jesus’ death, at 1pm. There is also a service at St Mark’s and St Hugh’s, both at 2pm.

Easter Day

Our Easter celebrations begin at dawn, with a special service at the Minster starting at 6am! It might seem like an early start, but it’s a wonderful way of giving thanks for the resurrection of Jesus. We share breakfast immediately after the service. Our main service takes place at 10.30am, with additional services at St Hugh’s (9am), St Martin’s (9am) and St Mark’s (9.30am). There is also a service of Evensong and Benediction at 6pm at the Minster – a more reflective service with beautiful music performed by our choir.