Choir Remembrance Concert at Grimsby Minster on 17/11/2018

Josie Moon is performing a Choir Remembrance Concert at Grimsby Minister on 17th November 2018.

If you would like more details or tickets please contact:

Josie Moon on 07962063872

or on Twitter: @msjosiemoon

Or facbebook:

Or email:

or visit her website at

Arts in The Minster – by Artist Hondartza Fraga

Not For Navigation By Artist Hondartza Fraga

From 27th October 2018 to 17th November 2018 Tuesday To Saturday – 9.30am to 2.30pm.

An exhibition of 365 beautifully hand drawn globes.

THE BIG DRAW – The 2018 Big Draw Festival – Angels & Imps – Saturday 27th October 2018 10am to 4pm – All ages welcome to Drop-in & Draw.

Hondartza Fraga

Minister Closed

We would like to advise, there will be no Coffee Shop or other usual activities on the 16th / 17th / 18th & 19th October 2018 in the Grimsby Minster,  Due to a College Graduation Ceremony taking place.




Harvest Festival – All Age Service – Sunday 14th October 2018 at 10.30am

Harvest Festival All Age Service at Grimsby Minster on Sunday 14th October 2018 at 10.30am

You’re warmly invited to the Harvest Festival at Grimsby Minster.  It starts at 10.30am and last around 50 minutes.

  • Come with family & friends.
  • Give your Harvest gifts to Grimsby’s Food Bank.
  • Sing some well known songs.


Give Us This Day Our…..   Daily Bread Food Larder helps many residents of North East Lincolnshire, who find themselves experiencing poverty, hardship & distress, despite a statutory system that in general supports them.


Jam/spreads ~Cereals – small packets and variety packs ~ Long life milk ~ Powdered Milk ~ Tea Bags ~ Instant Coffee ~ Boxed long-life fruit juices ~ Soup – tins or packets ~ Tinned vegetables (peas, beans, carrots, sweetcorn, tomatoes, spinach etc) ~ Tinned beans/spaghetti ~ Tinned meat (stew, chicken, mince, corn beef etc) ~ Tinned fish (tuna, salmon, pilchards, sardines, mackerel, etc) ~ Super-noodles ~ Sauces/sauce mixes (packets or jars) ~ Soya mix etc for vegetarians ~ Tinned rice pudding ~ Instant Whip ~ custard (tinned or packets) ~ Dried fruit (raisins, dates, apricots, etc) ~ Chocolate bars ~ Biscuits.


This year we’re collecting harvest gifts for Grimsby’s Food Bank.  Above is a list of the food items they need most.