Funeral FAQ

These are some of the things you might want to know about organising a funeral.

Q. We don’t go to church – can we still have a church funeral?

A. Yes of course – anyone can have a church funeral. You don’t have to be ‘religious’ and neither did your loved one. The Church of England is here for everyone.

Q. Where can we have a funeral in Grimsby?

A. If you visit you can find your local parish church. Our parish covers Grimsby Minster in the town centre, St Hugh’s on the West Marsh and St Mark’s and St Martin’s on the Nunsthorpe. You can have a funeral at any one of our churches.

Q. We want to have a funeral at the crematorium – can you help?

A. Yes, we can. Many people choose to have a service at the crematorium, and our ministers regularly take services at the crematorium chapel.

Q. We don’t want the service to be too religious – is this possible?

A. Many people worry that a funeral is going to focus on God and religion rather than their loved one. Fortunately, most people find that CofE funerals provide just what they need in order to say goodbye to the person who has died. There is normally a reading from the Bible and some prayers for the family. We always include the Lord’s Prayer. We’re always happy to include readings, poems, and music according to your wishes.

Q. What sort of music can we have?

A. You might like to include some hymns, but you don’t have to. If you’d like CD music to be played this can be done both in the church and in the crematorium. We would normally have some music as we enter and leave the church, and sometimes in the middle of the funeral to give you a chance to reflect on the memories and stories we’ve shared in the eulogy.

Q. I don’t really want to speak during the funeral – do I have to?

A. No – please don’t worry about having to do anything yourself. The minister is there to take some of the burden from your shoulders. If you would like to give the eulogy or read a poem, we will support you in doing that. But the minister will always be prepared to give the eulogy or any other readings, because we understand it’s difficult for family members and friends to speak publicly during this sad time.

Q. What are the options for a funeral service?

A. You can have a service in church followed by burial in the cemetery on Scartho Road.
A. You can have a service in church followed by a committal at the crematorium.
A. You can have the whole service take place at the crematorium.
A. You may wish to have a private committal for friends and family first at the crematorium or cemetery, followed by a service of thanksgiving and memorial in church later in the day.
A. There are many possibilities – the important thing is to speak to your funeral director, and speak to us about what you would like.

Q. What happens to my loved one’s ashes?

A. If your loved one has been cremated, you have a number of options. The ashes can be scattered or interred in the crematorium ground. You can be present for this if you wish, but you don’t have to be if you’d prefer not. If you’d like the church to be involved, you can have ashes interred at Grimsby Minster or St Mark’s Church on Laceby Road. Get in touch with us if you’d like more information.