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Grimsby Minster Choir is a vital part of our worship life and cultural identity. Professionally led by our Organist and Director of Music, Mr Steven Maxson, our choir achieves excellence in the choral tradition of the Church of England. The importance of church choirs in the life of the nation is well acknowledged and supported by many organisations including the Friends of Cathedral Music.

At Grimsby Minster the Choir sings at Sunday services, and weekday evensong. In addition the Choir sings at special services such as weddings, memorials, civic services, national events and local commemorations.

Grimsby Minster currently has two choirs: the Minster Choir, consisting of children, teenagers, and adults, and the Minster Singers, consisting of teenagers and adult singers. The Director of Music is always on the lookout for new members of the Choirs. We recruit choristers based on ability and potential. A high level of commitment is expected but the potential rewards for candidates are huge. Members of the choir enjoy a first class musical training; they learn to be team players as well as soloists and they are trained to perform as professionals and enjoy the sense of achievement this brings. Choristers find that their schoolwork improves and they are able to take part in choir tours. They will enjoy the opportunity to take part in broadcasts and recordings as well as earning some small fees. It is lots of fun. Potential choristers are welcome from any school, both boys and girls. Find out more about joining the Minster Choir by visiting the Choir’s own website at  www.minsterchoirs.com.

We are also always on the lookout for adults singers who sing soprano, alto, counter-tenor, tenor, or bass. A high level of sight-reading ability is needed for these roles. Adult singers can either sing weekly with the Minster Choir, or less regularly with the Minster Singers.

If you would like to know more, please contact the Organist and Director of Music at the Minster Office by emailing steven.maxson@grimsbyminster.co.uk or by telephoning 01472 277277.

During the Covid-19 restrictions, the Choristers continued  to rehearse via Zoom, and they and adult members of our choirs put together over fifty virtual choir recordings, which can be found here

During the various lockdowns of this pandemic, we have experimented with Virtual Choir recordings.  One of these, composed and recorded during lockdown, is below.